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Posted on 2008.05.04 at 10:35
Loads of uni work been going on recently and Im actually begnning to properly enjoy it now. Got a good module on Renessance Literarure which is really interesting and enjoyable. Missed today though because of hellish period pain. like the kind where walking is tough becasue the cramps are so bad. Hot water bottle for me thats for sure

Have lost a bit more weight, now weigh 174 due to having mainly soup during the day and just the meal at night with Dave.

Guild in WOW is progressing steadily as well know, took down Gruul adn the high king for the first time a couple of weeks ago adn Ive had to close recruitment as we were getting too many people wanting to raid. Will have to look at that again should we find we're lacking in members/ Some of them are a bit of a nightmare but most are ok. Some high maintenence whiners in there but they work hard so its ok I guess. Teaching me some real people skills thats for sure.

Mum adn Dad and Jenn here for easter so looking forward to seeing them, gonna get some real studying done during the break.

Posted on 2008.02.13 at 15:29
Been hella busy recently so not had much time to update and stuff. We all went out for dave's birthday this weekend just gone dressed as pirates to the local nightcub Spiders. I got some pics to show everyone.

This is me very very drunk on rum

and this is dave in a very similar situation

was a good laugh thats for sure/

Got Jenn coming over this weekend and we're going to do some Victorian style photo's with my new corset and the other new bits and bobs I have picked up over the last few weeks. She also wants to do some in natural light for her projects so will be heading to the park tomorrow and having an explore inside the glass house with the budgies !

Thats that for the time being. Still eating healthily but havent had the chance to go and weight myself recently. i feel healthier though adn thats a good start. Clothes seem a bit baggier too so I hope I have lost some. Positive mental attitude and all that !!

And yay, spring is coming, I love springtime and all the life exploding around us. Soon be beltane and thats always a good laugh

Posted on 2008.01.24 at 14:57
Weighed myself today in the chemist, its 50p a go and it tells you all sorts of things like your BMi etc. Have been eating healthy for the past week or so and when I weighed myself before I was 180.

today I was 176. I lost 4 lbs in a week which isnt too bad for a start I guess. Just need to cut the portion size and thats fine. Not munching on as many things now either adn if I do its something healthy like cherries or banana's.

My ideal body weight is between 105 and 142. I shall aim for the 142 to start with so thats 34 to loose, got a way to go but I can get there.

My BMI is 30.8

I also found out IM 5' 3 not 2 so I must have grown an inch somewhere along the line..

hah, will go and weigh myself next week as well to see how I am getting on.

Posted on 2008.01.09 at 17:51
todays food

Chese salad Chiabatta
Beef Fajita's as made by dave
Orange juice

Dont you just hate credit companies when they cant even get it right amongst themselves..

Posted on 2008.01.08 at 14:18
current weight approx 180lbs, shall get bathroom scales next week for more accurate readings

Todays food:

Tuna mayo roll, brown bread
Lime and pepper roast salmon as made by me !!
Orange juice

feeling really horrid and energyless today. hope Im not getting sick again.

On a plus note, finished Hellfire Peninsula in WOW and am heading to Zangermarsh, level 62 here I come.
Also Karazhan went well last night, guild cleared a few bosses without hep from outside woo

Posted on 2008.01.07 at 14:19
food today:

chese salad chiabatta
cup o soup.
lamb mousaka as made by me !! with courgettes and obegines
ornage juice

had a bad foods weekend so Im ignoring it

Posted on 2008.01.04 at 13:13
Food diary for the new year:


Cornned beef sandwich with salad
Chicken Supreme with Courgettes, peppers and butternut squash, as made by me
Orange Juice

Not too bad. was good to eat the olives. adore olives.

In other news. Im tired and ful of cold but not too bad other than that. Xmas and New year were good fun

Posted on 2007.11.21 at 10:55
The past few weeks have been incredibly busy, have finished assignments and got them all handed in. all done until Jan 15th but have a big long Christmas break to do those in !

The weekend just gone we went to see Dave's parents for his Dad's 50th birthday, they are very nice and we all got on well whcih was a big rellief. I wasnt aware of how worried I was about it until it was over and I felt a whole lot better. We went out for a meal then got roaring drunk and danced about in a karaoke club, was interesting and fun adn hangover inducing. its just a shame that it was so far to go !  The only annyoing thing was being compared to his ex-wife, I should have expected it and it was always a good comparison but none the less it made me feel a bit uneasy.

She has asked for the divorce papers as well whcih is a good thing, get it over and done with so we never have to talk to her again. iadmit I dont but it makes me feel a bit odd. Cant really explain it very well, is just a bit strange.

Turns out Sarah had Lauren on Saturday afternoon, love sent to her, She looks perfect. Her operation is on Thursday so shall be thinking of her all day and hoping that it goes well

sore post

Posted on 2007.11.05 at 15:52
today I hurt !! been rather ill recently so decided I'd go to the doctors to sort myself out. Turns out I have a Kidney infection which he has given me the strongest anti-B's in the world for. Seriously, these things amake me so light headed ! He also demanded I have a flu-jab. I have Asthma so I am supossed to have one anyway. it was free so I agreed. I did this before lectures started so i go into my Intro to Lit Studies lecture as normal ! As i there listening to the lecture the wall starts pulsating and I realise I was as high as a kite. This was a strange experience. went for coffee with my friend Jess but continued feeling light-headed and spaced out. It was like being 5 foot behind my body, I knew I was speaking but it felt like it wasnt me saying it. I went to sleep adn it wore off when I woke up.

Went on the night adventures Saturday night, not really that sensible because it was freezing cold but I had a laugh. was really dark and poeple who had glowsticks were annoying becaus they destroyed any hope of having night vision what-so-ever. Was good to see everyone again though.

Things out of the blue happened as well. was playing wow happily Friday morning when I get a random PM from Joey/Valentine, seems he was really distressed about him and Aimee and he just needed someone to chat to about it. I cant think why he would chose me of all people to speak to, considering how I feel about the girl he is with but I was pleased none the less. I always said my biggest regret was that we were not able to be friends. Seems he has itchy feet and is bored. I told him to just be honest with himself and that even if he tries to lie to himself about it eventually it will all come crashing down ! was really good to see and chat to him on the night missions as well, had a good catch ip and it made me feel good. He even said it wasnt my fault when I appologised. It only took a year but I feel we can be friends again and leave the past behind us. Lets just see what Aimee feels about that. Stupid cunt

I have a cold, it blows. Off to do some hardcore english stuff.


Posted on 2007.10.22 at 13:26
I always seem to update this when Im tired. I havent been sleeping properly reently, laying starig at the celing has long lost its appeal. I am constantly knackered during the day but when it comes to bed time I just lay there awake for no good reason. Ploughing through the crap I have done suring the day.

Managed to accomplish a fair bit this weekend though, read jane Eyre which is good, lectures start on that today adn that was good too, Meeting Natalie tomorrow for a gossip and natter about the Enhlish work we have been doing, am nearly ready to start writing my practice essay as well which is a nice feeling, something less to worry abouyt thats for sure. got a few bits and bobs left to do but am mostly caught up. Hurrah for working the entire weekend and missing out on FnH -.-

start belly dancing Wednesday. not going swimming tomorrow for the english work but am going Thursday night with Dave instead, will hvae weight update then. Have some measurements though, another way of watching how much I have toned up

Bust 40
Waist 33
Hips 39
Upper thigh 23
Upper arm 12

All in inches, last time I weighed myself I was 12st 2

haha, maybe getting somewhere eh !!

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